Aroma wasn’t built in a day

After Shabbat, Susan and I went into the Ramat Aviv mall in Tel Aviv for a walkabout. As it was the first night of Chanukah, we had lit candles in the house, but felt we had to do something else to mark the occasion while we were out. What to do? Have a doughnut*, of course!

We chose the Aroma cafe and settled down to enjoy coffee and doughnut.

Aroma is an unusual Israeli success story in that it is not technology based. It is a cafe. And a successful one.  From Wikipedia:

Founded in 1994 on Hillel Street in downtown Jerusalem, Aroma first started branching out beyond that city in 2000. In 2006 the first overseas branch opened in SoHo in New York City. In 2007 Aroma opened its first location in Canada, in downtown Toronto in The Annex. In 2008, Aroma opened a sister brand “Marrone Rosso” with locations in Romania and Cyprus. In 2007, branches continued to open in Toronto and on 72nd Street in New York City, as well as the first location in Kiev, Ukraine. Aroma has nine Canadian locations in the Greater Toronto Area, as well as six American locations in New York City, New Jersey (Paramus) and Florida (Sunny Isles Beach). In 2012 Aroma opened its first two Polish locations in Warsaw.

Their signature moves include providing every customer with a small (wrapped) piece of chocolate with every order. And for Chanukah, they add a festive greeting:

Is that a doughnut I see before me?

Chanukah Sameach!

[*Because of the centrality of oil to the Chanukah story, the tradition is to have foods fried in oil. Doughnuts and latkes (potato pancakes) are probably the most common.]