Against the odds


Newly arrived are a couple of magazine plus game packages from Against the Odds.

The back issue is Buffalo Wings, a game about air to air combat during WW2 over Finland. It’s a cut down version of J D Webster’s earlier WW2 air combat system, the attraction being that it is simpler, more accessible and compatible with the older games. (The earlier games are near the top of my ‘Wish I could play these with a live opponent’ List.) I am keen to at least work through the training scenarios to see if I can handle the system. A long, long, time ago, I played his Air Superiority game with David Hughes, several times. It was great fun, though I venture to suggest neither of us would have made real life ace pilots.

The current issue is Guns of the Askari, about von Lettow-Vorbeck’s guerrilla campaign in East Africa during WW1. It’s a campaign I know nothing about, so there will be a steep learning curve. The game is by John Gorkowski, who has made some interesting designs on WW1 topics, and seems to have avoided too much complexity.┬áThis probably means it’s more likely I will, eventually, play it. Unfortunately, there are so many games ahead in the queue.