A trio of links

From CiFWatch:

UN leaders to condemn Palestinians for incitement to terrorism

The four European members of the United Nations security council are drawing up a strong joint condemnation of recent Palestinian acts of terrorist incitement amid growing international censure.

The unusual statement, expected this week from the UK, France, Germany and Portugal, follows blunt criticism from the US of official PA radio broadcast of songs explicitly encouraging Palestinians to engage in deadly suicide bombings against Israelis.

From Treppenwitz:

Will we answer silence with silence?

One of the things which begs explanation, if not outrage, is the near total silence from the so-called moderate Palestinians and the Palestinian ‘street’ in the face of Arab incitement and terror attacks.

I’ve often said that if anyone could point out a viable Palestinian ‘Peace Camp’ that was shown to be loudly and consistenatly condemning terror & incitement, and working to build bridges with Israel, I’d join the Israeli peace camp (of which there are several, actually) and work tirelessly to convince Israeli leaders to sit down and engage them.

Needless to say, nobody has been able to show me this mythical Palestinian ‘Peace Camp’, or any semblance of a strong, stable peace partner with whom we could safely negotiate peace.

But that doesn’t mean that Israel can exempt itself from self-criticism and outrage at the behavior of extremists on our side of the fence.

From the Times of Israel:

Tunisian imam sued for call to ‘sterilize the wombs of Jewish women

The Tunisian Association to Support Minorities is suing a prominent Tunisian imam for hateful incitement against Jews.

During a Friday sermon broadcast live on November 30 on Hannibal TV, Sheikh Ahmad Al-Suhayli of Rades, a suburb of Tunis, told his followers at the Khatib mosque that “God wants to destroy this sprinkling of Jews… and is for sterilizing the wombs of Jewish women,” the liberal Egyptian daily Al-Masry Al-Youm reported.