You take the low road…

That fellow Abbas is an active wee chappie at the moment, getting ready for the November 29th vote of the UN General Assembly to upgrade “Palestine” to non member status.

According to a Times of Israel report:

Abbas says he’ll return to talks with Israel — right after UN recognition

That slightly optimistic headline is based on this content:

“If it is possible to start talks on the following day, then we are ready for that,” Abbas was quoted by Reuters as saying.

Hmm. I would never have made it in the press business – I could not get that headline out of that quote.

Meantime, back in the land of the thinking, the legendary Elder of Ziyon has done more terrific work here. By looking at the actual text of the resolution, Elder is able to confirm:

…the PLO is trying to include the borders of “Palestine” in the resolution, even though the UNGA cannot determine borders.

This is important. The resolution is an (illegal) attempt to force borders on Israel. Who will call out Abbas and the PLO for this? (Hello, Mr Obama? Are you there?) So, if it happens, it’s logical to assume that any negotiation Abbas will be doing will not be about borders, because he will consider them settled. In the background, I can see the lawyers circling to work on boycott Israel motions based on its usurping “UN approved borders” or some such other rubbish.

The Elder backs up the position with more from Abbas here. For example:

Once again, Mahmoud Abbas is stating, explicitly but in Arabic, that the drive for upgrading the status of “Palestine” at the UN from “non-member entity” to “non-member state” is really to pretend that the so-called “1967 borders” are legally “Palestinian” – even though the General Assembly does not have the right to establish borders. <snip>

Not a word about independence, or freedom, or statehood – the entire point of the stunt is to give the appearance of establishing borders, and afterwards Abbas can say that those borders are not negotiable because the UN has accepted them.<snip>

The West seems clueless as to his plan to avoid negotiating the major issue that the Oslo process was meant to address, and indeed to abrogate the Oslo process altogether.

In the long term, this UN political stuff of nonsense may be more dangerous to Israel than the current Gaza onslaught by Hamas and its convenient cloak of multi-colored terrorist cover groups. If ever there were a time for Obama to defy his critics and back Israel to the necessary hilt, that time is coming soon.