Tough choices

Here are the two latest gaming arrivals:

Tough choices…

Both are wargames from GMT.

Andean Abyss is a counter insurgency game about modern Columbian history. It’s a subject I know next to nothing about, and the game seems jam packed with material to sort that out. It’s not a topic I was interested in, but in a brief conversation at ComsimWorld Expo earlier this year, Gene Billingsley (of GMT) convinced me to try it. Bloody April is a game about a particular period of the WW1 air campaign in the West. (I have not found the Snoopy counter yet.)

Both show signs of GMT’s increasingly high production standards. For example, both have mounted maps. And both boxes are sturdy, and have some solid inserts to keep the contents in good order.

An initial inspection of the components, and a quick read of the respective rule and play books just makes me want to forget everything else and play them. However, real life intrudes.

Both join the ever increasing queue to get to the top of the ‘to be played’ pile.