Time to pay the bills?

The Jerusalem Post has one (no doubt of many, here and elsewhere) analysis article about the forthcoming PA publicity stunt resolution before the United Nations General Assembly. Entitled Jerusalem to take ‘low profile’ approach to PA UN move, it includes this interesting detail:

The senior diplomatic official said that as a result of the Palestinian move, Israel would stick punctiliously to the letter of the agreements it has signed, including the 1994 Paris Protocol mandating economic relations between Israel and the Palestinian Authority. Under that protocol, Israel can withhold tax money it collects for the PA to pay for goods and services Israel provides it.

The PA owes more than NIS 800 million to the Israel Electric Corporation, a debt that Jerusalem will now most likely withhold in the two upcoming monthly tax payments scheduled to the PA.

So, in the following months, when the PA bleats about being short of cash, you’ll know what lies behind their situation. How long after that will it be, before some Western countries press Israel to release the withheld money? Not long, I wager. However, I am hoping the PA is told to get lost.