Skyfall in Israel

Last night we had a family outing to see the new Bond movie, Skyfall. Simply put, I loved it. Yes, the plot’s got more holes than any moderately intelligent person can count. But the action is awesome, inventive, and thrilling. And Bond is a wonderful role, played to the hilt by Daniel Craig. (Sean Connery? Never heard of him, mate.) The script – in terms of pacing and dialogue – keeps the viewer involved, and some of the cinematography is simply beautiful. It may be icing on the cake, but Adele’s theme tune is high on the list of the best; so much so that you may forget how good the opening credits are. In short, a great action movie entertainment experience.

Two points of interest to finish on.

First, Sarah-Lee claims not to have seen any other Bond films. Wow. We really screwed up her education. Thankfully, it’s not too late to fix it.

Second, from my sentimental perspective, the best line in the movie – and an evocative hook to trigger pleasant memories – is: “Welcome to Scotland.” Neither original nor deep, but simple, and so well timed in the movie.

Now all I have to do is get the classic Bond theme out of my head.