Not the nine o’clock news

Several of you – friends and family – have been asking after our welfare in light of the current war. In short, we are all well. ┬áThank you for all your messages of support. We appreciate them.

So far as the news is concerned, you can keep in touch on any of the major Israeli English-language web sites. The Muqata blog has been doing some live blogging, and that gives a good snapshot view. If you are really keen, you can use the link to Israeli radio he provides, allowing you to hear all the rocket alerts.

I encourage you to read this article by one brave resident of the south. This is one of his videos, below, and there are more at the link:

I want to close by stressing one part of our reality: our neighbors want to kill us. So far, thank G-d, they have largely failed. (Somebody up there is looking after us.) But, if it weren’t for the several hundred missiles which the Iron Dome batteries have intercepted, it’s reasonable to assume the casualties and damage would have been much worse. We live in a tough neighborhood. But we are not going away.

We want peace.

Among many of the laughable slanders we face, is that we want war, death and destruction. ┬áNobody here wants that. Nobody. But if you read the Guardian, or believe the BBC, you may not believe me. Shame, because I’m telling you the truth.

And the kind of peace we want has no part of our population under missile or mortar attack. And no part of our borders under threat from terrorists keen to grab the ‘next’ (Heaven Forbid) Gilad Shalit.

I’d like to think the present action will go some way towards achieving that peace. Naive as I am, if we do not meet those goals, I expect it will be because Israel’s supporters abroad do not have the stomach for the fight. The Churchillian spirit seems missing in today’s fight against evil.

On the other hand, maybe we will look after ourselves (again) and keep going.

That is the trouble: predictions are tricky stuff – especially about the future.