More about those journalists…

Meet Mohamed Abu Aisha, journalist:

Dressed for a day at the office?

Now, about that uniform…

You see, the position is this. Mr Aisha met his Maker courtesy of an Israeli strike in the last Gaza operation. Western journalists complained that he was a journalist, and should not have been attacked. Unfortunately, like much of the mainstream reporting about this part of the world, Western media swallows the lie without thinking. Does he look like a journalist to you? Mr Aisha was no more a journalist, than Yasser Arafat was a Peace Activist. As the Elder of Ziyon points out:

“Islamic Jihad doesn’t describe him as a journalist, but as an instructor for the Mujahideen of Al-Quds Brigades in Deir al-Balah Battalion Brigade.”

Of course, the Islamic Jihad site is not in English, so it would take some, er, work, to get to the real story. Those journalists are far too lazy to do that – it appears.

You can read the Elder‘s blistering rebuke to one piece of journalistic rubbish about Israel targeting journalists here. And Isreallycool has a very good piece here about Western hypocrisy on the question of media targets.