Game on the run

On Tuesday night, Tel Aviv hosted the Nike Nightrun. Just under 20,000 people took part in a series of runs with staggered starts over the 10k course.

The following picture gives you some impression of the crowd at the finishing line, despite the staggered starts.

Finish Line

The Finish Line

Most people reacted at the finish by stopping; this, inevitably jammed up the place and there were continuous calls over the tannoy for the runners to move up to the water stations.

There were several people out and about, like me, with a camera. This guy was the coolest, doing repeated sprints to the finish line while capturing the action. I guess he was one of the official crew judging by his badge.

Photographer on blades

Cool guy

Here is Lori’s race number:

Badge of courage

Unfortunately Simpsonette1 – also known as Sarah-Lee – backed out. Maybe next year she will run in the race. This year she supported her sister by being at the finish line with a brown paper bag filled with her favorite bagel sandwich. As you can see, it was well received.


Nike’s marketing crew supplied all the runners with black t-shirts, sporting this superb strap line on the back of each shirt:

t shirt logo

Hello world from Tel Aviv

We meet one or two other runners we knew. However, this next chappie is not somebody we knew. However, that didn’t stop him asking to use my phone so he could call his dad. How could I refuse?

“Hello, dad? I’ve finished!

Yes, I did wonder if I was falling for a ‘grab the phone and run for it‘ thief, but unless he had stolen the race badge, I had him! Inevitably, he was no bad apple; just a ┬ádisorganized kid whose phone was somewhere else than where he needed it.

After the race, the organizers hosted a big party disco. The music was loud and had a great beat. Unfortunately one or two of us had work to go to the next day… Boo!


Now all you athletic types: think about adding this event to your race calendar for next year. If you ask nicely, I’ll be waiting at the finishing line with a bagel and a camera.

Meantime, well done Nike and the organizers. Everyone we spoke to agreed what a success the event was.