Contemporary conversation

[Background: We received our first extended session of heavy winter rain. It started last Friday, lasting in fits and starts all the way through to this Tuesday. It was so wet, I even had to wear a rain jacket some of the time! (Hello, Glasgow. Are you jealous? It’s also been raining there since last Friday; the last Friday of August…) But today and yesterday have been clear, bright, wonderful days. Weatherwise that is. So, here is a conversation that took place today on the short walk between buildings, as I headed for the canteen at lunchtime.]

Me: “The sun is out again.”

Friend: “A lovely day for November.”

Me: “Yes. Everybody seems very happy it has stopped raining.”

Friend: “It has stopped raining. But instead it’s raining missiles…”


In these difficult times, and forever, may we never lose our sense of humor.