ASL Journal 10

Out of the wrapper is ASL Journal 10.

ASL (Advanced Squad Leader) is probably the most complex, commercially available wargame. (The rulebook is several inches thick.) It portrays WW2 tactical level combat – one of my favorite types of game – with individual squads, leaders, and vehicles on maps where each hex is 40 m of real terrain. I have dabbled with it, but never got over the initial rules hurdle. Mostly this is because I was playing it solitaire, and the challenge of getting the rules right – never mind the play – is better shared. I have the ASL Starter Kit material, and it is much more accessible. Accordingly, I have played quite a bit of it. However, internally, I burn to play the full thing, if only to say I have been there and done that.

Although the newest ASL Journal has only mainstream ASL content (and no Starter Kit material) I decided to buy it anyway. I wanted access to the latest errata, and there was a replay that looked worth reading. (Festung Budapest – well worth reading.) Plus, there all the new scenarios which, despite complaints from purists, can be cut down for ASL Starter Kit with just a wee bit of effort.┬áBesides, one day I will play the full thing!

ASL Journal 10 includes:

  • Scenario Replay of a Festung Budapest scenario, and FB FAQ
  • When In The War? A survey of date-dependent rules in table format
  • The Beginner Blues
  • Close Combat Simulator [article on this topic]
  • Son of Squad Bleeder [scenarios]
  • Bullet In The Head [snipers and low FP attacks]
  • Editorial
  • 16 ASL scenarios

A right good read. Now, maybe I should start reading the rulebook again…