About that new Iranian drone…

Thanks to sharp work by blogger Gary Mortimer (as reported at The Register), the Iranian announcement earlier this month – about their new Koker-1 drone – turns out to be a load of balls.

  • The publicity picture from Iran is shown below (on the right).
  • On the left is a picture of the Japanese designed and built (by Chiba University) Quad Tilt Wing (QTW) unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV). Can you spot the difference?

Photoshop fail!

Presumably the people responsible for this failed Photoshop job do not like windmills – or decided that would make it too easy for the world media to spot the con.

What kind of “civilized” country, behaves like this?

Western media should take note of the cultural attitude to lying that exists there. And they should remember it before they swallow – hook, line, and sinker – without the slightest challenge, everything they say. Things like: “Our nuclear program is for peaceful purposes only.

Unfortunately, it appears the only Iranian line that Western media don’t accept, is the one about their desire to see Israel being wiped off the map. (They don’t really mean that, the media say.) Funnily enough, that line is one of the few I believe.