A laugh to start my day

Coffee and croissant

Yummy! Yes, I like my croissants well done.

Most mornings, about 8 am, I wander over to the onsite cafe as it opens up, and order a large Americano coffee to take back to my cube, and enjoy. Although I know I shouldn’t, every second day (approximately!) I also have one of their superb almond covered croissants. The coffee and croissant are a combined sugar and caffeine kick that make the morning fly past.

One day this week, on enquiring if there were any of my favorite pastries, the young barista said they only had small almond croissants. However – and at this point he became animated and energized – what he did have was this new type of chocolate croissant. It was a new recipe, with especially light pastry, and sugar free chocolate, and was low in fat and calories. It was very tasty and available for a short time at a  special low price. He recommended it. Would I like to have one?

I declined, saying: “No thanks, I don’t like chocolate croissants.” He took the polite refusal in his stride and completed my order of large Americano and a small (boooo) almond covered croissant.

As he handed over the goodies, he confessed: “I don’t like chocolate croissants either.”  (This, despite his very recent avid promotion of them!) I burst out laughing. Maybe you had to be there to experience the humor of the situation, but it was terrific to start the day with a coffee, a croissant, and a laugh.

My your day be a good, peaceful, and happy one, with at least one laugh.