Recovery help

Sarah-Lee is recovering after a minor operation. She is doing well, helped by the loving care and attention she is receiving. Last night she received a surprise get well package  from a family that she works with:

Enough to share, surely?

If this doesn’t speed her recovery, nothing will!

Get well soon, Sarah-Lee.

[The goodies came from Sweet Stand. It might be a useful service to some readers.]

About that new Iranian drone…

Thanks to sharp work by blogger Gary Mortimer (as reported at The Register), the Iranian announcement earlier this month – about their new Koker-1 drone – turns out to be a load of balls.

  • The publicity picture from Iran is shown below (on the right).
  • On the left is a picture of the Japanese designed and built (by Chiba University) Quad Tilt Wing (QTW) unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV). Can you spot the difference?

Photoshop fail!

Presumably the people responsible for this failed Photoshop job do not like windmills – or decided that would make it too easy for the world media to spot the con.

What kind of “civilized” country, behaves like this?

Western media should take note of the cultural attitude to lying that exists there. And they should remember it before they swallow – hook, line, and sinker – without the slightest challenge, everything they say. Things like: “Our nuclear program is for peaceful purposes only.

Unfortunately, it appears the only Iranian line that Western media don’t accept, is the one about their desire to see Israel being wiped off the map. (They don’t really mean that, the media say.) Funnily enough, that line is one of the few I believe.

Fireball Forward

This is another recent arrival: a set of tactical WW2 miniatures rules from Mark Fastoso and Jonathan Miller. I heard about them in a Mike Siggins piece written in the excellent Battlegames magazine, and ordered them as soon as I finished reading his mention. I have only had a chance to skim the contents, and dip into one or two rules in any detail, but I can see what attracted Mike to them. In short, there are a lot of novel ideas packed into the rules.  I am looking forward to setting aside some time to give them a more thorough read.  I have this horrible feeling that this set might be enough to send me over the edge and start doing miniatures gaming again… Somebody – please stop me!

The authors have a website here.

Time to pay the bills?

The Jerusalem Post has one (no doubt of many, here and elsewhere) analysis article about the forthcoming PA publicity stunt resolution before the United Nations General Assembly. Entitled Jerusalem to take ‘low profile’ approach to PA UN move, it includes this interesting detail:

The senior diplomatic official said that as a result of the Palestinian move, Israel would stick punctiliously to the letter of the agreements it has signed, including the 1994 Paris Protocol mandating economic relations between Israel and the Palestinian Authority. Under that protocol, Israel can withhold tax money it collects for the PA to pay for goods and services Israel provides it.

The PA owes more than NIS 800 million to the Israel Electric Corporation, a debt that Jerusalem will now most likely withhold in the two upcoming monthly tax payments scheduled to the PA.

So, in the following months, when the PA bleats about being short of cash, you’ll know what lies behind their situation. How long after that will it be, before some Western countries press Israel to release the withheld money? Not long, I wager. However, I am hoping the PA is told to get lost.

Poor bloody Syria

Lest we forget. An infographic from Ariel Zinger:

Syria? You mean something is happening in Syria?

One question being asked:

Is the blood of Syrian citizens blood cheaper?

I hear no answer.

As BDS Gone Bad puts it:

“How come there was so much international intervention in a mere 8 days of war while not half of the resources spent on High-profile Gaza, was dedicated to heavily distressed Syria?”

[A tip of the hat to BDS gone bad.]

ASL Journal 10

Out of the wrapper is ASL Journal 10.

ASL (Advanced Squad Leader) is probably the most complex, commercially available wargame. (The rulebook is several inches thick.) It portrays WW2 tactical level combat – one of my favorite types of game – with individual squads, leaders, and vehicles on maps where each hex is 40 m of real terrain. I have dabbled with it, but never got over the initial rules hurdle. Mostly this is because I was playing it solitaire, and the challenge of getting the rules right – never mind the play – is better shared. I have the ASL Starter Kit material, and it is much more accessible. Accordingly, I have played quite a bit of it. However, internally, I burn to play the full thing, if only to say I have been there and done that.

Although the newest ASL Journal has only mainstream ASL content (and no Starter Kit material) I decided to buy it anyway. I wanted access to the latest errata, and there was a replay that looked worth reading. (Festung Budapest – well worth reading.) Plus, there all the new scenarios which, despite complaints from purists, can be cut down for ASL Starter Kit with just a wee bit of effort. Besides, one day I will play the full thing!

ASL Journal 10 includes:

  • Scenario Replay of a Festung Budapest scenario, and FB FAQ
  • When In The War? A survey of date-dependent rules in table format
  • The Beginner Blues
  • Close Combat Simulator [article on this topic]
  • Son of Squad Bleeder [scenarios]
  • Bullet In The Head [snipers and low FP attacks]
  • Editorial
  • 16 ASL scenarios

A right good read. Now, maybe I should start reading the rulebook again…


The Times of Israel has a second batch of pictures, taken here in September, during the visit by “10 of the world’s top Instagram users” to snap away in Israel. I think they are good, but you can view them here and decide on your own. (The first batch are here.)

More about those journalists…

Meet Mohamed Abu Aisha, journalist:

Dressed for a day at the office?

Now, about that uniform…

You see, the position is this. Mr Aisha met his Maker courtesy of an Israeli strike in the last Gaza operation. Western journalists complained that he was a journalist, and should not have been attacked. Unfortunately, like much of the mainstream reporting about this part of the world, Western media swallows the lie without thinking. Does he look like a journalist to you? Mr Aisha was no more a journalist, than Yasser Arafat was a Peace Activist. As the Elder of Ziyon points out:

“Islamic Jihad doesn’t describe him as a journalist, but as an instructor for the Mujahideen of Al-Quds Brigades in Deir al-Balah Battalion Brigade.”

Of course, the Islamic Jihad site is not in English, so it would take some, er, work, to get to the real story. Those journalists are far too lazy to do that – it appears.

You can read the Elder‘s blistering rebuke to one piece of journalistic rubbish about Israel targeting journalists here. And Isreallycool has a very good piece here about Western hypocrisy on the question of media targets.