Tainted view

What’s the collective name for several tainted views?

There’s been a war going on here the last few days. Israel has been under attack by mortar and missile. And when it responded, that provoked further assault by media. (We will pass over the attempted smuggling of eight pipe bombs by a Palestinian Authority terrorist, because that type of near miss won’t make mainstream media news.)

But if you rely on the mainstream media – like the BBC, for example – you are not getting the full picture. You are getting a tainted view. Want proof? Check out this report from BBC Watch.

And then, after you have read it, I ask you to note the damning, closing statement:

Hundreds of thousands of Israelis have spent two nights and a day in air raid shelters (yet again) but the BBC apparently did not consider it necessary to include any footage of that.

And whenever you hear the BBC mentioned again, keep in mind the words: tainted view.