Supermarket Conversations

Martin R

“Let me tell you a story…”

Susan’s brother Martin is in town, and the three of us marked the start of the weekend with a wee brunch at Borochov 88, one of our favorite local eateries. Martin has a good time when he is here, enjoying the theater that is day to day life for us in Israel. Over brunch, he and Susan reported on just a small sample of the fun stuff encountered so far: a couple of supermarket conversations:

Conversation One

Scene: Local supermarket. Susan and Martin are hunting for spinach. Unable to find it themselves, they approach a member of the supermarket staff, stacking shelves. They approach him and the following ensues:

Susan (in her best Hebrew): “Do you have spinach?”

Supermarket Employee: “I don’t know.”

And that was the end of that… See customer service? No, they didn’t either!

Conversation Two

Scene: Local supermarket. Susan and Martin are ready to leave. They pick the checkout queue labelled “Ten Items or Less”. They are behind the customer now being served by the checkout girl. Susan spots he has more than ten items. The following ensues:

Checkout Girl: “You have more than ten items.”

Customer: “No, I don’t,”

Checkout Girl: “You have nine, plus these three Bamba packs. That’s twelve – more than ten!”

Customer: “But the Bamba are the same product. That counts as one item. I have ten items.”

Checkout Girl: (Shouting across to the Customer Service desk...) “Oy! I have a customer here with three Bamba. He says that three of the same product count as one item. Do they?”

Customer Service Desk: “No, they are three items.”

Checkout Girl: “See, I told you. You have more than ten items.”

Customer: (Moving away from the queue...) “Ok. It’s no big deal to me. I am not in a hurry. I can go to another queue. In fact, I might do some more shopping while I am here…”

Checkout Girl: “Come back. I just said you had more than ten items. I never said I wouldn’t serve you…”

(Yes, it does beg the question of why they bother with “less than ten item” checkouts!)