Sacrilege – S J Parris

Setting: Canterbury in the time of the Tudors. 

Story: Sophia Underhill, one time love interest of Giordano Bruno, the multi-talented super hero (or so it seems), is on the run from a charge of murdering her husband. The search to clear her name takes the, er, dynamic duo, to Canterbury. On arrival, deeds most foul occur, and the race to find the real killer turns in to a more complex and bloody affair.

Good Stuff: The historical backdrop reflects the author’s obviously deep knowledge of the times. She does a good job of intermingling real personages with fictional creations, and the plot is meaty, twisty, and slick. Overall, there is a good sense of Tudor England and the narrow thread by which lives hung, encased with mystery and adventure.

Not So Good Stuff: I found the characterization to be weak, the writing to be leaden, the dialogue to be wooden, and almost gave up reading the damn thing. It did not completely draw me in. I was interested in the history, and the plot started off as intriguing, but somewhere along the journey it fizzled out.  On the basis of this sample, I will not be bothering with others in the series.

Score: 5/10