Bike and burger

Rest stop
Susan and I celebrated her recovery from her Glasgow suffered back injury, by heading out on the bikes. We went out early, doing a loop to Herzliya and back.

On the way out, one driver stopped to allow us to cross – at a pedestrian crossing – bringing a long line of rush hour traffic behind him to a temporary halt. Can you guess what happened next? One driver, who either wasn’t paying attention, or was driving too close to the car in front of him, or both, crashed into the car in front. A fender bender. (Susan says it is the first accident she has seen actually happening here. Unfortunately, I have extensive experience in that area and more than once on the receiving end.) The car in front – Mr Innocent – drove off as if nothing had happened. The traffic started up again, and on we rode.

It was a good ‘first ride in a while’ for Susan, and we celebrated by having dinner at the local Burgers Bar.
Bikes at rest
I like the food at Burgers Bar (in Ra’anana) but maybe eating dinner wasn’t the smartest idea we’d had, with more cycling to do to get us home. It has to be said that after dinner, our average speed dropped by quite a bit…