BDS Failure

Yesterday, there was a BDS protest at a Rami Levy supermarket in Shaar Binyamin, near Beit El.

From the Ynet report:

The protesters blocked the entrance to the store, waved Palestinian flags and carried signs calling for a boycott of settlement goods.

Some of the protesters entered the supermarket and chanted slogans against the purchase settlement goods. Large security forces that arrived at the scene tried to disperse the demonstrators using shock grenades.


Abir Kopti, an activist with the Palestinian popular committees, told Ynet that Wednesday’s protest was part of a line of steps recently taken. The first was last week’s blocking of route 443.

According to Kopti, the activists are planning additional protests in the future. “This time we chose the Rami Levy store because we want to send a message to boycott the occupation and its products. As long as the Palestinians get no justice, settlers and Israelis will not lead normal lives.”

She added that the protest was also meant to send a message to the Palestinian people not to shop in Rami Levy. It should be noted that the retail chain has two branches in the West Bank that also serve Palestinians.

The added emphasis is mine.

The problem – and it is a real problem for the BDS crew – is that Rami Levy’s supermarkets in the West Bank are places where Arabs and Jews work and shop together. As the Elder says:

“Rami Levy markets are islands of co-existence¬†in the territories.”

And the Elder goes on to say:

“Arab bigots cannot stand the success of Rami Levy…

The “Popular Struggle Committee” is dedicated to pushing boycott of Israeli products and stores worldwide. But they cannot even get Arabs who live in the territories to boycott a Jewish-owned store!

Rami Levy, by continuing to attract ordinary Arabs, symbolizes the failure of BDS more effectively than anything else.”

And, as usual, the Elder is absolutely right.

BDS is not a pro Palestinian peace initiative; it is a rabid anti-Israel hate movement. Metaphorically, it acts to cut its nose off to spite its face – to protest forcibly to prevent any co-existence or normalization of activity with Israel. That is not a morally defensible position.