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After the break for the chagim, we resumed at Laurie’s home.

Laurie put in a special request to make sure we had games to cover a wide range of potential attendees. That presented a challenge which I met as follows:

Here be games

Yes, it’s a suitcase of games. No, that is not the inventory of games that Daniel is reading…

There were six of us, including two newcomers, so we decided to go with a game that everyone could play. Yehuda explained the rules at leisure, then I did a rapid briefing for Uri who was a tad late. But, finally, we were off and running. The game? 7 Wonders.

Yehuda collected green cards while telling everyone they really were not that valuable. He won… though it was on the tightest of margins: by a tie break against the impressive showing by Laurie. Her collection was a fine mix of scoring cards. Uri and I were next up, with each of us penalizing the other in the military stakes. Rosslyn (sp?) and Rochelle were clobbered from each side by everyone else and struggled, but did manage reasonable scores. 7 Wonders is a tough game if both your neighbors get the cards they want. In fairness, poor Rosslyn was also handicapped by me repeatedly calling her names Michelle. I don’t know why, but I eventually got over it. Well done Yehuda for the win!

To finish, I ran a game of Reibach and Co for everyone else. This Alan Moon designed set collection game is easy, fast, and fun. Everyone got into quite a competitive struggle for the win, except Yehuda. Everyone else seemed to pick on him. (Payback for his first win?) Poor Yehuda finished last. Oh dear. Anyway, Rochelle proved her mastery of this by grabbing the win. Well done Rochelle!

It was a good night, and I enjoyed the entertainment. Thanks to the Blaukopfs for their hospitality.