The thinking Zionist

Here’s a great comment from the Elder of Ziyon, discussing the outcome of Saudi Arabia’s Al Madina asking their “experts” why “the Jews” succeeded in criminalizing Holocaust denial, but Muslims have failed to criminalize “defamation of religions” (the emphasis is mine):

Anti-semitism remains real – and especially potent in the Muslim world. Last week a Jordanian newspaper called for the genocide of Jews, without the least hint of embarrassment. The answers given by these Saudi “experts” show also that Muslim anti-semitism is alive and well, and paradoxically give more reasons to enforce laws against hate. And their anti-semitism is so ingrained that they don’t even notice it.

I want to take up the last point, about Muslim anti-semitism being ingrained. (Dare I say, it’s part of the culture? Or, is that not politically correct?) Based on what I have seen and read – not a scientific review by any stretch of the imagination – it appears to me that there are nuances of anti-semitism in play here. But while there are various types of anti-semitism, all are fueled by the mainstream Arab and Muslim media. Quite why the West doesn’t ‘get’ this is beyond me. Why the West doesn’t appreciate the ramifications is also beyond me. And, regardless of partisan politics in America, isn’t it time that the White House said: “No more.”

The Elder of Ziyon commentary is here, and the piece about the Jordanian newspaper is here.