Not in the mainstream news

In the mainstream news:

The killing continues in Syria

BDS protesters disrupt (Israeli) Batsheva dance group performances

Not in the mainstream news:

Although you won’t find a single mention of it on most “pro-Palestinian” (acutally anti-Israel) websites, one of the regular targets of Syrian army shelling is the Palestinian Yarmouk Camp in Damascus.

Source: here.

The article (in Harry’s Place) continues:
Disrupting performances by Israeli musicians, actors and dancers in the UK will do these Palestinians no more good than it does Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza.

And there, ladies and gentlemen, is the rub. If ever you wanted proof that the Palestinian people are political footballs whose mission in life and death is to demonize, delegitimize, and destroy the Jewish State, this small snapshot of BDS behavior should be more than enough. The Palestinian people need help; they need peace. Their leadership, and those who say they are campaigning for them, are doing nothing to further those goals.

But where’s the coverage?