M is for… (links!)

Some links for you:

M is for marathon

The New Yorker has a fascinating story about an unknown (well, previously unknown) Michigan dentist who has been performing near miracle heights (for an amateur) in marathon races. It’s fascinating, because it appears the runner cheats, but nobody knows how he does it. See here. (Thanks to Bruce Schneier.)

M is for Ma’an

An almost unbelievable piece at the Ma’an News Agency here, which is Hamas official Mahmoud Zahhar telling all and sundry that Gaza is unoccupied and prospering. I’ll say that again: Gaza is unoccupied and prospering.  As the Elder of Ziyon puts it:

But why does the media rush to trumpet any statement or report that says that Gaza is a humanitarian disaster under brutal Israel occupation and they ignore statements by Gaza’s own leaders that say the opposite? The Gaza meme is obviously more attractive than honest reporting.

Hard to argue with. (Thanks to the Elder of Ziyon.)

M is for murder, G is for genocide

Finally, a sombre reminder of where we are in the world today, and where we have been before, when it comes to the topic of genocide. The Times of Israel has a post about the world’s top expert on genocide. Their subtitle:

Gregory Stanton, founder of Genocide Watch, says Iran has taken six of the eight steps on path to genocide.

See here. Food for thought. For those capable of independent thought, that is…