Mr Cool preparing Cool Stuff.

So, as I was saying, about that night in the park…

On Thursday night, Sarah-Lee took part in a Circuit Training competition. Circuit Training? Think push-ups, squat thrusts, sit-ups, and all those horrible, hard to do exercises. Interspersed with a little running, and some pain, some sweat, and a sense of achievement at the end. (Never got that far, personally…

There was a team competition and an individual competition. There were two rounds. Sarah-Lee was in the RED team, and she picked up a winner’s medal for that. Sarah-Lee won the first round of the ladies’ competition, but came second in the final roundby a measly count of 3 situps. (Boo! Hiss!) Anyway, her overall performance was terrific.

Jumpin is the name of the people organizing it, incidentally. One er, cool, touch was their provision of a cold drinks and candy floss stall, as pictured at the top of the post.  (In English, it’s “candy floss”. In Hebrew the name translates to “Grandma’s Hair”. I decided I didn’t want any…)  Susan and I were there in support. We were exhausted just watching!

Here are some sample pics.

“Do I suit this red?”

“If you guys let me down…”

“Warmup? Are you kidding? It’s 30 degrees out here!”

“Do I really want to do this?”

“Is this the deep end?”

“The end is in sight. If I open my eyes…”

“The crowd gets restless.”

“Glad it’s all over. Apart from the next round…”

“All for one and a win for all.”


If you want to see more pictures – and the above are only a small sample – go here.