Galloway’s performance proves he has poison in his veins

Courtesy of MEMRI, and with thanks for the tip to Ian at the Elder of Ziyon, here is George Galloway performing.

I say performing, because if you stand back and examine what he does and what he says, you will note – apart from the script and theatrical flourishes – a persistent pair of ploys.

First, he never lets his opponent talk long enough to develop a cohesive, forceful point. Galloway’s interruptions are all about unbalancing the other speaker, and not about their content.

Second, he pads his own time at the centre of attention with a combination of meaningless drivel, arguments staffed by straw men, poisonous insults and outrageous posturing. For example, certain Arab countries are treasonous because they do not support the Palestinian people. (Allegedly.) Because, in George’s closed mind, there only is one cause, and that is the Palestinian people. The Syrians can die and it matters not a whit, because that’s no help to the Cause. Hmmm. As another example, you wil hear that he was not “with” Saddam, but against their enemies because Saddam was better than his enemies. So, not with Saddam, but – in reality – with him. Yes, I’ll repeat that: Saddam was better than his enemies. And by his enemies, Galloway means Bush, Blair and the West; people like you and me who believe in democracy, freedom of speech, liberty and the like. We are not as worthy as Saddam was. How does that make you feel?

And in the same way, Galloway is not “with” Assad, but supports him because Assad is better than his enemies. Again, that’s likely to be you and me. How are you felling, now?

This type of medicine show will go down well with his Iranian/Syrian allies (or is it paymasters?). But don’t entirely rule out the possibility that one day some of Iran’s or Syria’s victims will want to have a full and frank, and up close and personal, and physically demanding discussion with George, about his performance. Come on George; there’s still time before Rosh Hashanah to do a meaningful bit of repenting…