BDS = Batsheva Dance Shines!

As my hero the Elder of Ziyon reports, the Batsheva Dance Company started performing at the Festival in Edinburgh, last Thursday night. Their first performance was targeted by the BDS hate crew. They interrupted the performance three times inside the theatre. However, the audience was overwhelmingly patient and supportive and the show went on. The critics I read, liked the show.

Some points:

Although some of the arts luvvies called for a boycott with a letter published in the press, the Festival stood firm. Well done them.

Further, there were some forceful responses to the boycott call. See here and here.

The coverage was not too bad here and here.

I encourage you to read the Elder’s post (BDS: Cultural graffiti) from which I offer the following short extracts:

A number of Israelis refer to the BDS actions against Israeli artists as “cultural terror.” I think that is an overstatement, and it also gives them too much credit. In reality, what they do is cultural graffiti.


In the end, the self-righteous BDSers are no more than a bunch of kids with paint cans.

The Elder may be doing an injustice to kids; many kids have more maturity than the BDS crew display in public.