The Olympics and the money

According to the ever entertaining Guido Fawkes, the original budget was 2.4 billion, but the actual cost of the London Olympics was a staggering £12 billion.

And Guido delivers the sobering comparison that £6.1 billion was the amount spent on equipment for the UK’s Armed Forces in Afghanistan in each year leading up to the Games. In other words, whatever shortages the brave boys in Afghanistan suffered, could have easily been afforded with a different set of priorities.

If you had lost a loved one on the battlefield, perhaps due to a second rate flak jacket, or a poorly armored car (long overdue a promised upgrade), how might you feel about the Olympics? Israeli spending on sports should probably be seen through that prism.

Guido also claims each UK taxpayer contributed 200 pounds to the event. If that’s right, some will consider it good value, and others a right waste of money. Now, there’s a definite feel good afterglow. Will it quickly fade, or will it burn through to Rio? I hope it’s the latter; at the price I would expect a long lasting effect!

(Guido gives no sources for his numbers, but he’s not known for rushing into print (so to speak) without the facts to back him up. So, I suspect his numbers are legitimate.)