Science in Monopoly

From the 25 August 2012 edition of the New Scientist:

Monopoly measures more than money

Spaces round the Monopoly board always progress from shabby neighbourhoods to swanky locales. Now Marie Friberger at Malmo University in Sweden and Julian Togelius at the University of Copenhagen in Denmark have written software that lets users design their own board based on social differences. Using open source data from the UK government, people can assign a weighting to different statistics, allowing them to create a board in which areas with high levels of volunteering stand in for traditionally richer streets, for example, and vice versa. The idea will be presented at the Computational Intelligence and Games conference in Granada, Spain, next month.

Interesting idea. I hope they have cleared it with Hasbro, because there are one or two intellectual property rights questions that this raises.

[The online version of the article has slightly more detail. See here.]