Round and round

Who lost their heads then?

Life continues to be out of control hectic for Susan and I. There’s been a ton of work needed to do with our new home, and Susan has fought the good fight. Meetings, telephone calls, meetings that don’t happen, telephone calls that don’t happen, and the usual balagan of building projects in Israel (Though some are worse than others.)  Susan made a couple of great advances recently, though it was tinged with bitterness by a clueless clod of a workman who decapitated a favorite work of art. (See the victims, above.)

I’m still getting over the Pesach Pox I caught – whatever it was – and, while I do feel a lot better, don’t feel 100%. It could just be the wear and tear (aches and pains) of middle age, but why do they all have to happen at once?

Work continues to be good: good conditions, good work, good people to work for, and good gracious, is that the time already? Time to go home! Yes, as further evidence that at the key times in my life I have been lucky – Someone Upstairs has been looking after me – my new career in Israel is about as solid as it gets. I am so glad I decided not to continue my, ahem, sparkling legal career.

Also on the positive side, there has been a good stream of guests, some simchas, and a few barbecues, to provid plenty of the ‘feelgood’ factor. And, although at times it has been tough to fit in, we even managed some decent bike rides.

That last hill was a killer

A couple of weeks ago, we were part of a 200 rider night time event in Ben Shemen. While the route was not that exciting – ok, it was boring – it was a 20k ride, and it was fun doing it in the dark with such a large group. Susan made some new cycling connections as well, so there maybe more of such rides in the future. We have also managed a couple of night rides with the local Ra’anana group. The last time out, when we stopped for our half way refreshment at a cafe in the Herzliya Marina, the music was so good I could have stayed there till it closed. That reminds me, we had an excellent meal at Jems in Petach Tikva. It’s a kosher micro brewery with restaurant attached. They have a good selection of beers, and the food is good quality and not, by Israeli standards, expensive. The atmosphere was excellent. However, it is very popular, so book well in advance or be prepared for a log wait.

Shabbat Shalom