Jew haters at BBC Sport?

A bloody great big five star award goes to Israellycool for this post about the BBC Sport Department‘s selective editorial approach.

In a nutshell, the BBC Sport Department treated Israel differently from all other states. I quote from his complaint to the BBC:

I have complained twice about this web page giving details related to Israel and my country’s participation in the Olympics.

You now list the size of Israel but include a strange qualification as to where the figure comes from and which territory it includes. I do not see you qualifying this for any other country in the world where boundary disputes put the size in some doubt.

Why do you single out the Jewish state for special negative treatment? Treating Jews negatively & differently is the definition of antisemitism (I prefer the term Jew hatred).

Please consider the following:

Does the BBC note whether the Russian figures include the Kuril Islands?
Does it note whether Pakistani and Indian figures include parts of Kashmir?
Does it note whether Indian figures include Lathitila?
Does it note whether Armenian figures include Nagorno-Karabakh?
Does it note whether Chinese figures include Aksai Chin or Taiwan?
Does it note whether Serbian figures include Kosovo?
Does it note whether UK figures include Gibraltar, the Falkland islands and Chagos archipelago?
Does it note whether Georgian figures include Abkhazia?
Does it note whether Moroccan figures include the Western Sahara?
Does it note whether Ethiopian figures include Badme?
Does it note whether Cypriot figures include Turkish Cyprus?

He shoots, he scores! Well done Brian of London.

So, what’s the situation at the BBC that explains this? Is it sloppy, lazy, or hateful journalism? Make your own mind up. For my part, I fear this detail brilliantly summarizes the whole of the BBC’s attitude to Israel.

If they had any balls, they would admit it. (I would like to think it is not endemic, but the evidence says otherwise.) If they had any common sense, they would stop, think, realize what they were doing, and sort it out. But I am not holding my breath.

However, the way they deal with the complaint will be telling.