Glasgow gamers

Less than an hour after landing in Glasgow Airport last week, I had been fed and watered (thank you Steven!) and driven to Jeff Jesner’s house for a combination games evening and reunion. Along with Steven, Martin, Brian and Ian joined in the fun and it was almost as if I had never been away – right down to the Maltesers!

We played a couple of games of 7 Wonders and one of Ticket to Ride, closing out with R-Eco. I was way too happy to bother about keeping score, but Jeff has kindly provided the following report:

And so the founding father was welcomed back to Glasgow, to join his flock for a night of gaming at Jeffrey’s house. Brian, Martin and Steven all came along and 7 Wonders was the first game called into action. Ellis checked to see which side of the card was normally played and was told ‘A’. Brian then won the game, simply because he was the only one playing side ‘B’. Steven was second and was therefore declared the winner among the side ‘A’ players.

Next up was Ticket to Ride. Various strategies were employed by the different players. Steven went for the multiple route, small value strategy. Brian went for many routes which he didn’t build and went steaming backwards towards the 0 points marker. Jeffrey went for two routes, built them both along with the longest train, and puffed ahead of everyone to win.

Ian arrived, hot off the plane from London, while Steven left. That old perennial favourite, 7 Wonders, was brought back out. This time Martin won by a point from Brian, proving that Brian can do well at the game, even when playing the correct side of his card!

Martin then left to go into town to pick up his wife. Loads of brownie points there! Jeffrey unwrapped R-Eco and Ellis explained the rules. The rubbish was recycled, the overspill dumped from hands and the points counted up, Jeffrey winning by dint of the ‘5’ token he picked up to finish the game.

Next week, who knows? If anyone wants to organise and hold a night, please let everyone else know. In the meantime, a hearty Mazeltov to Steven and the family on this weekend’s big event, Mazeltov to Brian who has bought a house, a hearty welcome to Ellis on his brief return to Glasgow and condolences to the Chicago bear who is currently believed to be tunnelling his way out of Illinois!

Great report, Jeff. I miss you all, and the gaming, already…