Drawing a blank

I’m not a regular Scrabble player and so, whenever I play it normally ends in a heavy defeat, albeit often an entertaining and educational experience. And so I have often wondered what I would need to do to get better at the game, without swallowing the dictionary, and lists of two and three letter words.

According to this report, one USA youngster developed his own technique. Unfortunately for him, he was caught:

One of the top young Scrabble players in the US has been kicked out of his national championship in Florida after he was caught hiding blank letter tiles.

John Williams, executive director of the US National Scrabble Association, said a male player was ejected in round 24 of the 28-round event.

The cheating was spotted by a player at a nearby table, who noticed the ejected player conceal a pair of blank tiles, which can be used as wild card letters, by dropping them on the floor. When confronted by the tournament director, he admitted it, organisers said.