Attack of the Unsinkable Rubber Ducks – Chris Brookmyre

Setting:  Glasgow, Scotland, and other nearby places with familiar sounding names. 

Story: Gabriel Lafayette has some amazing psychic powers which he puts to the test in a science lab, under strict conditions and in the presence of some sceptical individuals. Chief sceptic is Jack Parlabane, an adventurous, cynical, and bamboozled character – who has appeared in other Brookmyre books – hoping to expose what he sees as fakery. But it doesn’t quite go to plan. And then there are the deaths…

Good Stuff: This is a crime mystery thriller with a genuine twist, deliciously wrapped up in authentic waves of psychic and spirit world wizardry, wonders, and well worked tricks. Even better, Brookmyre is a fine storyteller, so all that gritty – and not so gritty – realism, is not wasted. It’s a terrific book – a must read. And, as usual, it’s an added joy to see the action taking place in a familiar setting.

Not So Good Stuff: There’s one detail – central to the plot – which is beyond reasonable suspension of disbelief. However, if you read the book for entertainment, and don’t dwell on the real world it reflects, you may not notice. That apart, my only complaint is that it finished too quickly. I wanted more.

Score:  8.5/10