About that plan to attack Iran…

What plan?

The one that anti-Israel blogger Richard Silverstein* pumped out to the media this week.

The one that the BBC and Ynet – among others – covered without even a half-hearted attempt at critical thought, or asking themselves whether the “plan” deserved their attention.

The plan that, to use a technical word, is bollocks. Utter bollocks. Total bollocks. (I’ll stop before I step outside the bounds of the dictionary and good taste.) If there were any meaningful journalistic standards out there, Silverstein’s nonsense would have sunk without trace.

See the Elder of Ziyon, IsraellyCool, and The Commentator¬†for the right way to use one’s critical faculties, and then appreciate how badly the mainstream media are coping with today’s information flow. Unfortunately, this will not be the last time it happens.

[*I have deliberately not linked to Silverstein’s site so as not to give him the benefit of added traffic. Don’t go there. You’ll only get upset.]