A different A-Z

CiF Watch’s Style Guide to the Middle East for the Perplexed A-Z has a few (ironic) laughs to lighten your mood.

Here are some extracts to give you a taste:

F: Fatah. According to many, an association which successfully made the challenging transition from terrorist organisation to Mafia.

Ha ha!

G: Golan Heights. (or “Occupied Golan Heights” for the BBC and the Guardian). A hilly region on the Israel-Syria border from which, before 1967, the Syrian regime practiced its favourite sport of firing artillery shells at Israeli villages which were inside the ceasefire lines. Since 1967 it has flourished, to the considerable economic benefit of its mixed Jewish and Druze population. However, the Syrian regime wants its shooting range back.


T: Temple Mount, Jerusalem. The holiest site of Judaism where only Muslims are permitted to worship. Proof if any were needed of the apartheid nature of the Jewish State.

U: University. Israel has the highest number of university degrees per capita in the world.

And finally:

Z: Zionist. A person who believes in the wacky idea that Jews have some kind of right to self-determination in their historic homeland. Not to be confused with anti-Zionist, someone who denies that Jews have any such right, generally motivated by racist or political bias, or both.

You know you should have CiF Watch on your list of favorites, don’t you?