Now You See Me – S. J. Bolton

Setting: London, England.

Story: A Jack the Ripper like murder sets of an express train of events, as the police work to bring the killer to justice, and the killer turns the kill into a spree. In the center, Detective Constable Lacey Flint, a young, inexperienced policewoman who appears to have caught the eye of the killer. Flint becomes the bait, as the forces of law and order struggle with the challenge before them. And Flint has some challenges of her own.

Good Stuff: The plot is well thought out and neatly unraveled. The violence is shocking, but fits well into the context of the Ripper killings which the author so cleverly utilizes.  The twists, the sleight of hand, and the mystery are a powerful combination which make this a good read; a page turner worthy of the name.

Not So Good Stuff: In the initial stages of the book, Flint comes across as a weak-willed individual, filled with doubt. There’s no sympathy generated for her. Somewhere, her character is transformed into something much more dynamic (and sexy) and very much an important protagonist at the heart of the story. It’s a clumsy change which blights the action. Flint’s background story, when it finally surfaces, stretches credulity a tad, but not as much as a key issue of identification -which is all I will say on that to avoid spoiling the story.  Once or twice I thought the author had lost the sharpness of direction the book was taking, though this may be connected with having the story told solely from Flint’s perspective.

Score: 7/10