Jews as fig leaves

One of the reasons that Divest This! is on my web browser’s favorites, is the high quality of writing. While Jon knows his stuff, especially in the arena of BDS, his knowledge would be sod all use if he were unable to communicate – to get the message across. Fortunately, the position is exactly the opposite: he writes like a dream, and entertains while he educates and informs.

Exhibit 1:

“…in recent years, it’s been the Israel-born, but now UK-dwelling Gilad Atazmon who has probed the historic and theological origins of Jewish depravity based on the vast historic and religious knowledge he has developed as a professional saxophone player.”


Exhibit 2:

Take for example our old friends at Jewish Voice for Peace who were omnipresent at virtually all of the big BDS votes that took place earlier this year.

If you read their writing, you’ll see that these guys are not the sharpest knives in the drawer.  And given that they have spearheaded many of the most embarrassing disasters for the BDS “movement,” their ability as political operators is, at best, questionable.

He tells it like it is. You can read the whole piece here: Jew vs Jew II. And, yes, you should put his site on your list of favorites, too.