Disgrace – Jussi Adler Olsen

Setting: Copenhagen, Denmark. (Scandinavia – I hear you calling!)

Story: Somebody is feeding Department Q with files from old cases. Why does the closed file of a solved murder look wrong? And what about the unsolved files so mysteriously turning up? What’s the connection? Detective Superintendent Carl Morck investigates, aided by his sidekick Assad, and backed up by newcomer, secretary Rose.

Good Stuff: Morck is quirky and interesting. Assad is intriguing. Rose is new and could develop nicely. There are twists and turns enough to keep up the reader’s interest.

Not So Good Stuff: The baddies do not come across as believable; the characterization there is weak and unimpressive. ┬áThe violence seems overdone – especially since I wasn’t convinced by the background of the evil doers. It felt as if the author had aimed high – to shock with the identity of the baddies, the network of corruption, the cover ups, and the extent of the violence – but could not deliver a composite, complete, believable story. Perhaps it would have worked with a less ambitious goal.

Score: 6.5/10