ConsimWorld – Games Played

The main games I played at ConsimWorld Expo were:

Hell’s Highway

In Hell’s Highway, Rob Bottos and I teamed up as the Germans against Richard Dupraw and Michael Roso. We played the Besieged scenario which is the campaign game on one map.

The British forces landed reasonably well and skipped into Arnhem, but could not take the bridge. There then began a long, bloody fight which went back and forth as each side threatened to seize victory. The US paratrooops, backed up eventually by the arrival of 30th Corps, smashed their way through the defending German forces and seized the bridge at Arnhem, but could not get into contact with the remaining paras. Unfortunately for the Allies, a German flanking move cut off their supply and the game finished as a narrow German win. Had there been one less hex penetration by the German forces, it would have been an Allied win.

The game was one of my best ever gaming experiences. The other players were brilliant to play with. It was fun, fun, fun. Challenging and engrossing without the headache of fighting over the rules. Whatever we got wrong, we sorted out amicably. I can safely say that if our side had lost, I would be saying the same. So, a big thanks to Rob, Richard and Mike.

The pictures of the game in progress are here.


In short, Rob and Michael won (as the Germans) by smashing two of the USA’s (Richard and me in command) big units and grabbing 3 Victory Point hexes, all in time for the first Sudden Death Victory check. In one battle, they outscored us by 5 hits to one (with roughly equal chances) and then repeated the same feat in the same turn. Short and sweet. Again, fun to play. So much so, that although I dislike the ‘bucket of dice’ combat system, I sought out and bought the new game with this system, namely FAB: Sicily.

Combat Commander

I played (and lost) one scenario against John Leggat. He was patient, as it had been a while since I had played the game. As usual, it was chaotic and fun. Great entertainment.