Yom Kef

This week our group in the office had a Yom Kef – Fun Day. The chosen activity was to do a Segway tour of the beach front at Tel Aviv.

Out of our group of ten, only one had been before. So, it was the usual tentative first stage as we got used to these strange devices. Once I internalized that the Segway is always on (till you, er, turn it off) I was comfortable. Being a seasoned bike rider was a help but not essential.

Here’s the start of the training:

And here’s an, er, action shot:

What’s it like? You move by changing your balance. You need to relax and lean forward to go forward, stand up to slow down or halt, and lean back a teensy weensy bit to go backwards. The long handle at the front moves left and right to steer. The speed on these machines is limited to whatever the legal limit is in Tel Aviv, and that is fast enough. Once you are on the move, the trickiest part is stopping quickly, so you need to keep a constant eye out on your surroundings. And it’s a physical pursuit which you feel in the soles of your feet. However, it’s also something you quickly get used to. You need to master going uphill and downhill – which are slightly tricky at first – to be left on your own, but our guides were very good at keeping eye on our more wayward riders. There is no suspension, so the cobblestone areas were shoogly (bumpy).

The Segway people we used were Zuzu – the website is here – and they were good. They provided a helmet, knee and elbow guards and a bottle of water as well as good tuition. They also took us on a nice route which stretched out as far as Jaffa. They do tours in other places too with Jerusalem looking to be the most challenging with the less flat nature of the terrain.

If you want to try something different, I can recommend it. It’s fun in the sun!