Shamnesty International

I have a confession to make: when I was younger, I was a member of Amnesty International. I admired the work they were doing in some of the hot spots of Human Rights abuses. Gradually, however, I became more knowledgeable and aware of their work in Israel, and could no longer support them. Quite the contrary: as an organization, I despise them for their double standards and hypocrisy. They are one of the most extreme examples of an organization conducting political warfare against Israel. (Human Rights Watch is worse.) Inevitably, my hero Elder of Ziyon, has them well and truly nailed. You may want to bear this material in mind when Amnesty International’s name is next in the media. To freshen an old joke: How do you know when Amnesty International are lying? Answer: When they are talking about Israel. Unfortunately, it’s no longer a joke.