I don’t share the political opinions of Marc Goldberg, but read a fair bit of what he writes because it’s always well put together and thoughtful. And I respect his honesty and his clear love, favor and affection for Israel. He has a piece – Evolution of a Political Opinion at Harry’s Place and the Times of Israel which concludes with his friend Elad’s observations:

Marc what you don’t understand is the fact the “The Palestinians” excuse me, the Palestinians leaders, don’t want a country they want us not to be here. They shout this from every possible mode of propaganda open to them, they are telling everyone that this is what they want no one is listening. We are taking steps such as freeing prisoners who murdered and killed Israelis to take steps forward and what are they doing? Nothing, they aren’t taking steps to normalise the situation between us and if they really wanted a state there would actually be one in existence for years already.

I ask you, do you think that we enjoy being occupiers? Do you think that if the Palestinians wanted this situation to end it would continue?

We pay for the occupation of Palestinians lands all the time with money, with lives. What should be is that we both have our countries but it can’t be that way…they don’t believe in it they want everything and they’ll be left with nothing.

The added emphasis is mine.

Incidentally, I’m not inclined to share Elad’s views when he says “occupation”, but if you agree with his opening remarks, everything else is moot. I do agree with his opening remarks. And, in my opinion, that is the barrier to peace in the Middle East.

I assure you, the mainstream wish in Israel is for peace with our neighbors. But our neighbors do not want us to be neighbors; they want us gone.