All the President’s men

Blogger Treppenwitz was live blogging the 2012 President’s Conference at which there was a presentation to Henry Kissinger.

Our intrepid blogger provides this great quote. Kissinger, upon receiving the award from President Peres, said:

“It may be a strange thing for an 89 year old man to say, but I wish my parents were here. I know they’d be prouder of this honor than of any of the other honors that have come my way.”

And as for Tony Blair, who was present and spoke, Treppenwitz said:

Tony Blair speaking now. Not saying all that much, but damn if he can’t say it well!

Brilliant! I was once at an event in the UK at which Tony Blair spoke and he was (and is) an impressive speaker. However, it’s no surprise the content at this Conference was thin.

(Ask me nicely and I’ll tell you how at that UK event, Tony Blair, in full flow, was brought to a stumbling, mumbling, car crash of an end to his speech by Alex Salmond – without Salmond saying a single word.)

Lastly, from Peres’ speech, Treppenwitz says:

He says our enemies want and deserve peace. I could be convinced of the latter, but I think he’s unhinged if he still believes the former.

Sadly, I think Treppenwitz is right. As always, I am open to persuasion, but I don’t expect a rush of volunteers for the task. I see no evidence that our enemies want peace.