A link or two

The video has nothing to do with the links; it’s just beautiful. Thank you little green footballs.

Meantime, a few links worth clicking:

  • CiF Watch on the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights and an object lesson for all consumers of media.
  • The Times of Israel has an exclusive showing of new photos (or newly published photos) from the ’67 war.
  • Harry’s Place has a piece about the latest Neturei Karta political befirending.
  • The Jerusalem Post has a report including photos from today’s Gay Pride event in Tel Aviv.
  • LinkedIn’s password troubles are given a quick update at the Register.
  • The *European Championships (soccer) are about to start. The BBC has a report on a racist incident which suggests there may be trouble ahead.

(*The Jerusalem Post back pages today ran a few pieces on the championships, mentioning potential winners. The word England was absent from the report… I also do not expect England to do well. However, being host to one of the top leagues in the world, if the English national team fail to deliver (again), those at the top should hang their heads in shame. Now I am off to the dictionary, to check on the meaning of schadenfreude.)

Shabbat Shalom!