Swings and roundabouts

Near the start of my regular journey home from work is a large and busy roundabout – traffic circle in some quarters. During today’s combat driving mission to get home safely, as I was waiting for a break in the traffic to get on to the roundabout, I saw a big white car (going around the roundabout) come to a sudden halt. And when I say sudden, I mean instant.

Had the traffic in front stopped? No.

Had some pedestrian (or wayward pet) stepped out in front? No.

Had the driver suffered a heart attack or other sudden illness? No.

Had a kid’s ball rolled onto the road in front of the car? No.

None of these. Instead, the driver had stopped his car so he could read the advertising hoarding at the side of the road… (I think it was a Summer Fete advert; not exactly, attention grabbing, must-see material.)

Thank goodness the driver behind this idiot had – unusually – kept enough of a stopping distance to avoid a crash, but it could so easily have turned out worse.

Just when I start believing I have seen every form of driving madness on Israel’s roads, some idiot goes and proves me wrong. I’m going for a lie down to recover. When I wake up, I am going to pretend it didn’t happen, so please don’t remind me.