It’s the end of the world as we know it…

…and I feel fine.

Thank you REM. I have no idea why that popped into my head, but there it is. Sort of like what sometimes happens when I am playing a game; the move just pops into my head, and off I go. I don’t ruminate, cogitate or calculate like the best games players – take a bow you masters of the board – and can offer all sorts of excuses why that is. But, so long as I enjoy the games, who cares. Now, where was I?

Oh yes – last week’s 8 person session of games, guffaws and politics. A strange mix, but that’s gamers for you.

Here comes the Hun

On my side of the table, Ofer, Ori, Peleg and I played Attila. It was new to the others, but they all caught on and it was a tight game. It’s a variation on area control where you can trigger conflict by over populating an area. As you get points for influence of tribes, the trick is to kill off tribes where you have low influence, and let those tribes where you have high influence, prosper. Regrettably, my prior experience – and those moves that just popped into my head – were too much for my young challengers, and I won.

Here comes the Militia

After Peleg left, the three remaining played Dominion. It was Ori’s first time and he hated the card shuffling, but liked the game. Ofer and I competed for the lead, but it was my night again.

Here comes the next tile

Then we ¬†played a game of Take it Easy. I think Abraham had joined us by then and he won. This is an easy, introductory game of pattern building and mental arithmetic. However, young kids can play by using the patterns, ignoring the arithmetic, and getting an older responsible person to do the counting. (We did not have such a person available, so I had to do the scoring. And I still couldn’t beat Abraham’s score….)

Here comes the King*

Abraham had shown Susan, Rochelle and Laurie how to play the excellent El Grande; a longer, meaty game that Abraham’s playing experience ensured him a winning advantage. Susan told me she enjoyed the game, but the discussion was wonderful. The games are only part of the equation when it comes to enjoying yourself!

[*Bonus blog observation point if you guessed that headline was coming up.]

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