It’s a long way to Tel Aviv

It took an hour and a quarter to drive to Tel Aviv from Ra’anana last night. There did not seem to be any special reason for this exceptionally bad traffic, which made it worse. On the down side, it meant Martin and I had less time in the big city. On the plus side, we had a nice long chat in the car, and the air conditioning was working.

The main point of the excursion was to introduce Martin to one of the better quality music stores in town, and though he was happy to browse, he refrained from making any further injections of financial stimulus to the Israeli economy.

Then we had dinner at a meaty restaurant near Sarah-Lee’s flat, and she joined us later on for a drink and some of our chips.

We finished off the evening with a walk and a voyage of discovery. The walk took us past Habima – Israel’s National Theatre Company and its brand new home premises – which was the subject of recent (failed) boycott attempt. You may get an idea from the snapshots in this post that it is a wonderful building. Hopefully, one day my Hebrew will be good enough that I’ll be able to attend a performance and understand it! (As I dislike the theatre – as a concept and form of entertainment – I should stress this is not something I am losing sleep over. But it would still be nice.)

As for the voyage of discovery, that was the return journey home: I missed the turnoff, and ended up doing one big circle to get back to the right road, and give Martin a free tour of parts of Israel he would otherwise not have seen!