Inspiration on two wheels

This video is (in internet terms) old news, but it’s also good news, and deserves the widest circulation possible. And although mountain biking is at the centre of the presentation, that’s not what the point of it all is. This is a story about chutzpa, personal initiative, leadership, the fringes of society, and education.

For example, weigh carefully these words, and wonder at the inner spirit that fired up Shimon Schocken:

I talked my way into the compound, and went to see the warden…

As another example, ponder on the fact that as a society we lean far too much on education which involves sticking the teacher in a room of pupils, and asking the teacher to teach, and the pupils to learn. But not every teacher teaches in that way, and not every pupil can learn in that way.

And as a final example, be aware that education should not only be about those subjects so dearly valued by society – stuff like languages, maths, and sciences. Often, the most important education is about the life we live; where we have been, where we are, and deciding where we want to go.

Watch this video and be inspired.

Thanks to Shosh for the reminder.