Chess Update III

Inevitably, after celebrating Boris’ win, he came back to earth with a thump (and a crushing loss). But he did show his iron resolve with his own fightback, and a series of draws that leaves the match tied at 6-6. Tomorrow is the tiebreak:

According to the rules, the players must now play a tie-break: four games of rapid chess (25 minutes until the end plus 10 seconds per move). If they finish with a score of 2-2, a match of two blitz games will be played (5 minutes plus 3 seconds per move). If the score is still even, another match of two blitz games will be played (in total no more than 5 such matches). If the winner is not determined from these 10 games, the decisive Armageddon will be played.

Wish I were there.

Good luck, Boris!